Stockholm – or not…? | Part 1: Mariefred

17th August 2017 – Part 2

Again it was time for a 4 hours travel by train. This was the moment, when I realized Sweden is prone to cancellation of trains. Imagine yourself standing in front of the information board, seeing a big red “Cancelled” next to my booked train to Stockholm. Well…”Don’t panic!” was the first thing I thought, feeling the start of a panic. Gladly there was a staff standing nearby, who explained me, where to find my replacement for my cancelled train. Thank God I was that early at central station (ca. 20 minutes) to notice the problem, because the alternative train left 15 minutes earlier! In the end everything went pretty well and I caught trouble-free my connecting train in Malmö, which was actually my originally train. Feeling like 10 meters before Stockholm Central station the train stopped for 25 minutes. Why? Don’t know I don’t speak mumbled Swedish yet. 😀 But in the end, I checked-in into my bedroom and met intermediately some of my nice roommates. Being very tired, I didn’t go on tour this evening.

Zimmer Stockholm

18th August 2017 – Mariefred

New day – new destination! Instead of doing sightseeing in Stockholm I wanted to explore some places nearby. So today was my trip to Mariefred by Ferry. Realized my plan wasn’t a bad idea when I woke up and it was raining pretty much. And for real, who wants to do sightseeing the whole day, when it’s raining a lot?

So I stayed for 3.5 hours on the ferry to Mariefred. With a nice view and my eReader I knew how to pass time. Although I have to admit, it can get a bit lame being alone such a long time. But on the other hand it was a great opportunity to think about my life and such things, enjoying the silence of nature.

Arriving to Mariefred the rain had stopped and even the sun came out a few times. I visited the Gripsholm Castle, ate my first ‘original’ Köttbullar and lingered threw the historic centre. In the book shop I bought a bookend in a “Pippi Longstocking” design. An amazing possibility to combine my passion and my naming.

After a long day I was really tired again, why I didn’t want to linger around the town again. Additional I still had to plan my trip for tomorrow. So I stayed in my bedroom, taking a hot shower to relax.

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