Stockholm – or not…? | Part 3: Stockholm

20thAugust 2017

Finally was the day I had some time to stay in Stockholm itself. Allthough I’ve stayed here since Thursday I had almost no time to do some sightseeing in Stockholm. So today on my last day the time was come. 

Because of the very short night, I started cozy into the new morning. Although check-out was on 10 o’clock I managed to stay in bed as long as possible. Afterwards I locked my backpack in the luggage room of my hotel. It’s very helpful when your hotel is near the train station you need to go to when you will leave the destination. It’s easier to lock your package and don’t have to run through the hole town before leaving it. Left with 4 hours to visit Stockholm before leaving it, I walked blindly through the area, to let the sight sink in. Almost every building looks like it was some special one with a great history. I was very impressed, but also overstrained. I bought something to eat and searched for a nice place to sit and enjoy the view. On the riverside I found a platform where I was able to lay down. Being still tired of the last few days I did a little nap there, smelling the lovely air of the sea. Felt almost like wellness. Furthermore I watched a seagull fighting with some birds over a piece of bread it found. Poor thing lost.

Suddenly it started to rain, so I needed to flee to my hotel. At least then I could explore the hotel a bit more and found a nice lounge, where I stayed the last hours of my visit in Stockholm while reading. At 2pm it was time to throw my backpack over my shoulders and start off to the central train station. Again I had to buy a ticket, this time to Hultsfred. Did you know that in Sweden you almost with every ticket also book a seat? That’s very uncommon for us German.

Shortly after that (or 4 hours later) I met my parents again in Hultsfred. Only 25 minutes later we arrived in our cottage, where my two brothers waited for us. We had a nice evening with much talking about the last days and playing some board games.

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