[Travel] København 2017

16th August

Arriving to Copenhagen

Today was the big day. In the morning I stand up full of adrenaline and good mood. A long trip was incoming. My first 4 hours in the Train went quite silently while having no one to talk with. But yet I didn’t minded it, because I enjoyed the time on my own.
My first stop for almost one hours was in Hamburg. Sadly I wasn’t able to look arround the City prety much. But at least I was able to sit in the sun for a few minutes. After that it again was time for driving with the Train for some hours. But this time, it was a special drive. Our Train suddenly dissapeared into a Ferry.!I couldn’t believe it at first, but it was such an amazing experience. Some of my expressions you can see below.

Then finally I arrived in Denmark. Only a few hours later I was able to step out of the Train. Welcome to my first big stop: Copenhagen!
Searching Hotel is always like an Adventure to me. It’s like a curse, that I will always pick the wrong way first, when there is a much more easier way instead. At least I always start to use the faster way after that first cursed walk. 😉

First night

My bedroom was available for another five girls, so I thought maybe I could find some international friends there. Sadly my roomates weren’t that chatty. But for only one night that was ok with me, I think. My evening activity was visiting a theme parc in the town. 

Until 10pm I wandered around in this combination of theme parc and beautiful settings. When I left to got home I just bumped into a Festival. It was Copenhagen pride. They played great music so I decided to stay a little bit longer outside. What an amazing way to end my first day of vacation!

17th August


Allthough it’s called vacation, long sleeping won’t be on the plan. Starting fresh into the new day, it was time to do a little Sightseeing by day threw Copenhagen. And guys, Copenhagen has some pretty places to show! Because of going to leave the town in a few hours, I had a tight timeplan to hold on to. Still it was a lovely day. 

As you can see on the Pictures above I spent most of the time in the nature. I admire that about the scandinavian towns, you’re always able to go into nature. Back home in Germany sadly that isn’t that easy like here.

Call me oldschool, but I recovered my love to postcards. That’s why I didn’t hesitated to buy a postcard, when I saw a nice one. Now it’s on his way to my grandmother. She love those! 🙂

But now it’s time to say: „Farvel København!“

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