[Review] Something is Killing the Children | Volume 1

Titel: Something is Killing the Children
Author: James Tynion IV
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: 26. Mai 2020

Special Note

Allthough I am writing my reviews in German all the time, I read a lot of books in English. In this case I got this book from the english publishers per Netgalley.com, so of course this time I will write my oppinion in English, too. I don’t know whether this Graphic Novel will get translated into German any time in the future.

Because of getting this eBook per Netgalley.com I had some difficulties to read this Graphic Novel. You had to use a pretty bad reading system on the laptop, which sadly reduced the reading experience.


While „Something is Killing the Children“ is a Graphic Novel the pictures are an important part of the book. In this case they were awesome. They were dynamic and able to transport the atmosphere of the story.

The story itself already made my curios when I read its blurb for the first time. And I didn’t got disappointed! In Volume One we get to know our big monster slaughter, called Erica Slaughter (very creative, right? :D). She still stays a mysterious young lady with a creepy stuffed animal, but as a reader you support her from page one – and not only becuase she defends young children. 

To be honest this Volume rather served as an inducement to read the hole story at once. So yes, I’d absolutely would love to read Volume Two, too!

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