Stockholm – or not…? | Part 2: Uppsala

New day – new town

18th August 2017

Again my day started with a very late breakfast. I preferred to pack my things and just GO. At the supermarket on my way to the central station I bought some sandwiches for later. Then it was time to buy my first ticket in Sweden. Maybe you already know that Sweden people love their credit cards and would always prefer to buy with card, then in bar. So I decided to buy my ticket on the shelter instead on the automat. By now my English had become more fluent then a few days ago. I think travelling is a very good way to practice your language skills. You only have to use this possibility while being on vacation. Prepared with a day-ticket I started my way to the university town Uppsala. One hour later, again the rain has stopped, I left the station to walk to my first object of interest: Uppsala Castle. It wasn’t that impressive compared to the castles I’ve seen before. But the garden was quite nice.

Maybe because it was a Saturday I wasn’t able to visit that much buildings of the university as I wished to, but at least I managed to do the guidance I wished to. We were guided threw an exhibition of the history of Uppsala. But even more interesting was the autonomic theatre! To be honest it was the main reason why I wanted to go to Uppsala. 😀 It was so impressive and kind of creepy. Just look on the pictures to receive your own impression.

Gotten very hungry I decided to have lunch in a little restaurant with view on the stream. Just when I had finished my lunch and thought about driving back to Stockholm, was the moment when I noticed three guys on the street. They seemed to be playing a game, where they had to fulfil many different challenges. It looked very funny, almost like a stag party. People knowing me would have knew right then, what would happen only shortly after. Yes, wandering around the city I encountered the boys again and – woosh – I was hanging around with locals. Finally I was able to do the part I love most about travelling.

Marcus and the others were ice hockey players from Stockholm. Every new member had to take part in the challenge. My meeting with the boys didn’t stop when they went back to their team mates, instead it first started then! From like 2pm until 1am I hanged around with the team and had many interesting conversations. Coming back to my hotel very late in the night (like 2:30pm) it was obviously time to go to bed immediately. 😀

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