Good planning is half the rent!

Before you can go on a bigger travel it’s important to plan at least a few things. Of course traveling to the blue can also bring considerable advantages, but is not suitable for everyone. Particularly inexperienced travelers should take care of a few things before traveling.
Important are the cover of a larger distance between two places, which is often better to book from home. Especially if you can not speak the language of the country to be traveled well enough. Today English is sufficiently to communicate, but when you want to be on the safe side, you should book train rides and flights in particular from home.
The booking of accommodation is similar. Experienced travelers can rely on where the wind will blow them. However, for all others, it is generally necessary to inform them in time about possible accommodation. It is even more recommendable to book these also before the trip.
Most importantly is to know your rough route. It does not matter if only the rough city or country goals are researched or the entire tour route is planned. But traveling with a starting point only, without a coarser goal in sight, is likely to be unclever.

The route

So it was once again the first step of my trip planing to set the destinations of my route. I knew my main destination would be Stockholm. So I first thought about what would be the easiest way to get there. The answer was quickly found after a short search: by train. It also quickly became clear that the most pleasant route from my home town to Stockholm is with stops in Hamburg and Copenhagen. Why simply pass these two great cities, if you can stay there for a short time? That was the moment when I realized I’d spend one night in Copenhagen. Without planning it would not have happened!


The next step was to find a place to sleep. I found them on comparative pages and booked a five-person women’s room for both Copenhagen and Stockholm. I am very excited what it will be like to spend the night alone with 5 strangers in a dormitory. Even though I’m a bit nervous about it, I’m looking forward to this new experience. Since I am quite open towards others and also very communicative, this should be quite a positive experience. I would wish it at least for the future, since such possibilities of the overnight stays would be both cheaper and a more enriching experience.

The journey is the reward!

Although Stockholm is my destination, I will not stay there all the time. Instead, Stockholm is rather my starting point, from where I’m going to explore the surrounding area. On the agenda is an excursion by boat to Mariefred, where I will visit the Gripsholm Castle. But the university town Uppsala is also on the list. Another important point on my list is the Swedish National Library in Stockholm. I would also like to discover new bookshops in Sweden. Apart from that, I am very open about spontaneous excursions around Stockholm before it is time to go to Mörlunda to my family and our holiday house.

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